Best Places to visit in Azad Kashmir in 2024

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Azad Kashmir, nestled in Pakistan, is a canvas of natural wonders. Neelum Valley enchants with emerald meadows and snow-capped peaks. Shounter Lake mirrors tranquility amid rugged landscapes. Leepa Valley’s fairytale hues blend seamlessly. Banjosa Lake invites serenity, while Rawalakot bursts into spring colors. Mangla Dam stands as a grand reservoir, merging water and horizon. 🌿✨

Everywhere, you can see lush greenery, high mountains, waterways, lakes, and a clear sky. You don’t need to plan your holidays to some other place when you have the option of Azad Kashmir. It is one of the best places to plan your vacations in Pakistan.

If you are planning about your upcoming holidays? It’s time to go with Azad Kashmir! You can find many amazing spots in this region that can offer you complete joy and pleasure. The land is loaded with natural beauty and great scenes around. If you are looking for adventures, you’ll fall in love with Azad Kashmir’s famous places.

Of course, the land is blessed with remarkable beauty that no one wants to ignore. It is the reason, tourists from around the globe come to Kashmir to spend a memorable time. Hence, they gather memories and share beautiful moments on social media.

Why is Azad Kashmir the best place to visit for Vacations?

Let’s overview the reasons to spend holidays in Azad Kashmir. There are so many reasons that make this holiday destination famous not only in Pakistan but in the world. It’s a globally recognized heaven that has earned an admirable reputation in the tourism industry. Let’s take a look at the reasons to visit Azad Kashmir!

  • Green Valleys

Green Valleys make this land ideal for vacations. If you are up for holidays, you can plan your tour to Azad Kashmir to interact with lush greenery everywhere. It is eye-catching and fascinating for the tourists! Are you ready to book accommodation?

  • Lakes & Waterways

Another specialty to visit Azad Kashmir is the lake and waterways. You can see beautiful waterways and blue lakes that interact with high mountains and emerge with valleys. The lakes are found in abundance, so it is the reason to visit Azad Kashmir.

  • Wildlife

Where there is greenery, there is wildlife. You can see a wide range of animals such as cows, goats, and horses in the area that enhances the beauty of this land. This indeed promotes horse riding and other adventures in the land for tourists. So, it is the leading reason to visit Azad Kashmir.

  • Peace of Mind

Nothing is above seeking mental relaxation. Azad Kashmir is the paradise on earth that provides peace of mind and mental relaxation to all tourists who come from urban areas. It is the leading reason to visit this wonderful place.

  • Luxury Accommodations

Luxury accommodations also increase the demand of Azad Kashmir and that is the top-notch reason to visit this gorgeous place. Are you ready to book a luxury hotel for your family?

Ultimately, it’s a good sign that promotes the good image of Pakistan to the world. Among all the natural beauty, the landscape is just unmatched. You won’t find lush green valleys in other regions of the country, as Kashmir is the only place to cover such lush and soft grass that also promotes wildlife. If you want to know the famous Kashmir tourist places, you can come across a huge list. Let’s take a look at the famous places to visit in Azad Kashmir!

1. Pir Chanasi

Pir Chanasi is located at the height of 2,900 meters right in the capital city of Muzaffarabad. It’s a perfect place for visitors to find peace of mind and mental relaxation. Also, it is the best tourist attraction for all adventurous minds. You can see beautiful mountains in your surroundings with a touch of snow.


Indeed, the traveling approach is just amazing that visitors enjoy because of a tricky road. The place is also famous for the shrine of Hazrat Shah Hussain, who was a great saint of Azad Kashmir. Further, the road is 27 kilometers long and it’s narrow and dangerous to some extent. So, tourists have to focus on safety when moving to Pir Chanasi. Greenery is the key factor that attracts you both in winter and summer.

2. Neelum Valley

If you are planning to explore Kashmir tourist places, don’t forget to visit Neelum Valley. It’s one of the best tourist attractions for visitors that has a height of 1615 meters. The special point of attraction is the lush greenery and blue water.


The place is captured with beautiful small towns, villages, mountain passes, and lakes. It’s a heaven on earth that is known as the heart of Azad Kashmir. The land is just captivating because of the pleasant and cool environment. Neelum river also crosses the valley that amazes tourists with crystal clear water. It is the most famous place in Kashmir that no one can deny, even foreigners know this interesting fact.

3. Banjosa Lake

Want to know Azad Kashmir’s famous places? Don’t forget to visit Banjosa Lake that has an approximate height of 1981 meters. The best place to visit in the region comes with full greenery everywhere. The mix of red and green is the actual beauty of the Lake. The area captures the tall trees and the weather remains pleasant.


Summer remains pleasant while winters are fully chilled. The boat ride is full of fun in the lake that allows you to see beautiful trees around. The lake is artificial, but you can only see attractions in your surroundings. Can you imagine taking photographs of such romantic and charming scenes? It will please you once you see the live views of such a gorgeous place.

4. Mangla Dam

The seventh-largest dam in the world. Mangla Dam is situated on the Jhelum river in the Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir that has an altitude of 147 meters. The dam was named after the village Mangla that was close to the construction site.


The project was initiated by engineer Geoffrey Binnie who was an Englishman. Today, the dam is used for producing hydro-electric power and irrigation purposes. As far as tourism is concerned, the place is gorgeous for visitors. Many tourists love to visit this wonderful place, as the dam has got tourist attractions for everyone.

5. Ratti Gali Lake

If you visit Neelum Valley, you may come across Ratti Gali Lake in the middle of this region. The lake has a height of 3700 meters and you can see water glaciers in the surroundings. Apart from the beautiful surroundings, the location is perfect for spending holidays.


People from different parts of the country come to spend a memorable time in Ratti Gali Lake, as it grabs the attention of tourists because of its calm, greenery, and scenic beauty.

6. Gangaa Choti

Gangaa Choti is situated in the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir. It has a height of 3044 meters that looks stunning in the village. Greenery is the specialty of this area and wildlife is seen as common in the village.


It’s a peak located near Pir Panjal Range. The Bagh increases the value of this peak and tourists spend quality time with their loved ones in the middle of Bagh. Everywhere, you can see the natural beauty that captivates the mind of families. Horse riding is the specialty of this place that vacationers enjoy at full. The place is 64 kilometers away from the capital Muzaffarabad.

7. Rawalakot

If you are looking for places to visit in Kashmir Pakistan. Rawalkot is one of the leading places to visit in Azad Kashmir that has an exact height of 1638 meters. It’s a small town that is 80 kilometers away from Islamabad.


The approach is easy and people prefer to visit this beautiful town in pleasant weather. Therefore, visitors come in summer to enjoy the scenic beauty and lush greenery. Winter is a little tough because of snow and uninvited rain. Hence, they avoid visiting the place in winters. Also, a number of people from England and other European countries visit this gorgeous town.

8. Ramkot Fort

If you are fond of visiting ancient forts, you must visit Ramkot Fort in Azad Kashmir that has an altitude of 1719 meters. It’s one of the best tourist attractions for local and foreign visitors, especially when you are looking for a top-notch location. It comes in the way of the river Jhelum and makes your vacation time memorable.


If you have come for the first time, you won’t stop yourself from taking photographs. The fort has a history, as it was designed by Muslim rulers. Muslim leaders made some changes in the fort in the 17th century and today it is known as the best tourist spot for vacationers.

9. Leepa Valley

Are you searching for adorable places to visit in Azad Kashmir? Leepa Valley is the one that gets your attention. It’s a heaven on earth that covers natural beauty everywhere. It increases the value of Azad Kashmir and one of the reputed holiday destinations. If you come from Muzaffarabad, you can easily reach this place on your jeep.


The valley has shocked the world, as these types of valleys are found common in Switzerland and Sweden. Thankfully, Pakistan is one of the countries that entertains tourists who come from other parts of the world in Leepa Valley that has an approximate height of 2125 meters. One has to believe in the existence of this valley. Further, lush greenery and glorious mountains make this place highly demanding.


If you are fond of traveling and want to visit enchanting places, you can plan your vacations in Azad Kashmir. As per our discussion, we have found that Azad Kashmir is the heaven on earth famous for so many reasons.

It appreciates tourists who are fond of camping, hoteling, and exploring wildlife. Indeed, wildlife is the specialty of Azad Kashmir especially when we talk about Neelum Valley, Gangaa Choti, and Banjosa Lake, etc.

Apart from nature’s beauty and greenery, the weather remains pleasant in these regions. It gives a chance of photography to tourists, so that they may gather memories. It’s the best thing to witness in Azad Kashmir. Are you ready to plan your next vacation in heaven?

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