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president arif alvi approves anti rape ordinance 2020
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President Alvi ratifies Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020

According to the ordinance, special courts will be set up to conclude the rape cases in four months. The prime minister will establish rape crisis cells to deal with the medico-legal examination within six hours after the mishap. The victims will be provided legal assistance under the Legal Aid and Justice Authority. Joint investigative committees […]

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Hec INVITED APPLICATIONS for pHd Scholarship for us universities year 2021 &2022

In June 2015 the United States and Pakistan established an Education, Science and Technology Working Group (ESTWG) under the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue discussed the proposal during the meeting of Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of USA to establish US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor. Both the dignitaries directed their respective governments to intensify their cooperation in this important framework to achieve the […]

University of Sargodha to initiate PhD on Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW)
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Sargodha University to launch PhD on Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW)

University Of Sargodha going to become first University to start a PhD programme on Seerat-un-Nabi SAW. This was stated by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in his recent interview to a private media channel. In this regard, Sargodha University has already submitted two PC-1 to establish Sargodha Institute of Muslim Civilization and strengthening of PhD […]

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Faisalabad, Lahore surpass Delhi as most polluted cities

Smog levels reached hazardous levels on Friday as Faisalabad and Lahore topped the world’s most polluted cities index, followed by New Delhi. The overall air quality of Lahore was recorded as 321 with a high concentration of PM2.5 of 270 microgrammes per cubic metre, which is the most damaging of the particulate matter in the […]